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L.E.G.I.T. TEEN WEEK - Ages 13-16

$125/First Camper; $100 subsequent campers

L.E.G.I.T. TEEN WEEK - Ages 13-16

There is now a L.E.G.I.T. Camp for your teenager too! The ages of 13-16 can be very tough. These teens are not quite children, but not quite ready to take on the responsibilities and challenges of adulthood. Furthermore, so much is changing! It is a critical time to pour into them and help them see our main vision. I AM WHO I AM SAYS I AM. In our brand new camp week we will strive to teach this critical message to your early teens and teens through the things teens love most: fun, adventure and hanging out with their friends.

What We Do
L.E.G.I.T. TEEN Summer Camp will have a similar concept to the L.E.G.I.T. KIDS day camp you may already be familiar with. The mornings will be taken up with the main course of L.E.G.I.T. which is to use music, authentic and meaningful small group discussions, games and worship to teach the central message of L.E.G.I.T. What is this message? That your identity in Christ makes you already enough. That your infinite divinely given worth and value is what makes you worthy of the blood of Jesus on the cross. That christianity is not complicated. You know who you are (I AM) when you know what I AM (God the Great I AM) says about you.

The afternoon's, however, will be totally different. We will go on an adventure everyday. These adventures are still being determined and may change from day to day but will include outings to local places such as bowling, skating and go carting.

$100 for the week for the 1st Camper
$80 for the week for all subsequent Campers

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