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Madelin Winget

Camp Director

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Coach Madelin is passionate about teaching kids the real and deep love of Jesus. She also loves watching as our LEGIT Counselors grow into the leaders of the future.

Dominique Bembry

Support Staff

Coach Dominique is passionate about LEGIT and she helps keep all of our operations running smoothly. Everything from streamlining pickups to organizing the Amazing Race is made better by Coach Dominique.

Bessie Diaz

Assistant Director

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Coach Bessie takes care of all the details that go into keeping us safe and healthy.  If your child has a special need or an allergy, she will take care of it!

Andre Clarke

Support Staff

Andre is a jack-of-all-trades. He helps keep us clean and ready for the next activity. He goes to and fro wherever he is needed and that is many many times a day. 

Caroline Tejada

Support Staff

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Caroline takes care of all our kitchen needs along with her husband Ernie.  They are master snack creators and take care of all things food for us!


Support Staff

Ernie and Caroline work hard all week to make us fun, creative theme-based snacks and take care of our staff lunches too!

Coaches and Coaches in Training